Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just a quick note tonight.

Last Saturday Chris and Brandi, my childrenm and Charlie and Patty Cosey their friends and the son and daughter in law of former Quitmanite, Charles Cosey organized and held a golf outing to raise funds for Fraxa.

Due to their efforts and determination and the good will of their friends and community over $14,000 was raised. They sold t-shirts, cookies, cakes and pies as well as holding raffles and silent auctions.

92 golfers participated and they all said they had the best time ever at a golf scramble and were looking forward to next year.

Several other families and children affected by Fragile X were in attendance as well.
Jan Hinkley and her son Steven and June Lawson and her son Clay Daub were there and were an uplifting force for those of us with younger FX kids.

Of course Charlie and Patty's son, Colten, was there along with our grandchildren, Erin, Cole and Cale. Erin has just be diagnosed as having a full mutation.

Cole and Cale were my shadows all day as we visited with people attending and rode the golf cart on the course with their Nana, Barbara Rozier. Mema and Grandaddy Rozier were there as well and took in most of the gold at the first hole from under the Oak Trees.

We were provided with a perfect golf day from above and much love and happiness from the golfers and volunteers. A special thanks to Aunt Becky who along with Brandi photographed each golf team.

I would love to name every volunteer and golfer but alas and thankfully their were to many for me to remember them all.

Thanks to all that participated in person and in spirits. Prayers and Pennies are needed and in that order to make the cure a reallity. Thanks for both.

More to come, but Marcia and I are off for mini aniversary honeymoon. Number 41.

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