Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cole had a good Christmas. He enjoyed giving presents to his Mema and Granddaddy Thomas.
He hugged everyone from Granny to Nana to Papaw.

He has made so much progress over the last few months. His vocabulary has increase ten fold and he talks in short sentences. He is learning everyday.

He plays with his little brother like any other little boy. They are quite a lively pair. His older sister, Erin, is constantly playing the little mother telling them what they can and can't do. She should mind as well as she expects Cole and Cale too.

His Nana and Papaw left early Christmas afternoon to visit Kirk's parents in North Carolina.
Cole and Cale wave bye-bye as Barbara and Kirk walked to their car. Cole continued to tell them bye, calling their names until they pulled out on to the road.

The children received many toys but seemed to want to play with the $2.00 ball. Cole was throwing the ball with quite good coordination. Hitting the outstretched arms of his Mema and Granddaddy Thomas with amazing accuracy and just the right amount of speed. He would then stretch out his arms and catch the ball. Catching the ball is something he did not do consistently just a few weeks ago. It is a marked improvement in his hand-eye coordination.

I know that every grandparent thinks they have the most special grandchildren, Marcia and I are no different. All ours are special, but you have to meet Cole, even if you do not know about his disorder you will find his smile infects you will hope and lifts your spirits.

Cole's future looks brighter, but we continue to support FRAXA in their attempt to meet the Doris Buffet Challenge. Ms. Buffet will match $500,000.00 if FRAXA can raise another $500,000.00 by Jan. 31, 2011.

Consider FRAXA.0rg or Easter Seals as you make your year end donations.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cole came spend Saturday night with Granny and Pappy. Erin had stalyed last week. Maybe Cale will come next weekend.

He has come such a long way in just a short time. He is using more words and making sentences.
He seems to be able to make connections between things he did not a few weeks ago.

We went to visit Mamma, Gramma to Cole. He finally petted Mamma's dog, Scooter with a little encouragement. That was a minor miracle in itself. Only 2 weeks ago he ran and screamed at the site of Scooter. What is more encouraging, the next day while telling his Daddy what we had done, I ask Cole if he petted Gramma's dog. He nodded and said yep! I then ask what was Gramma's dog's name. He promptly said "Scooter".

These might seem like little things compare to another 4 year old, but it a great leap forward for Cole.

He played on the hill in front of the Cabin, riding a toy jeep down the hill and then pushing it back up.

I have fallen behind in my reading on Fragile X. Reconstruction of the house has seen to that.
So I don't have anything to report on that front today. Just wanted to let everyone that Cole is making progress. Our prayers and yours have most certainly help.

Please remember children's charities in your end of year donations and gifts.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I have to say that I have missed Cole and Cale. Since our housefire they have not been able to sleep over. Cole is coming this weekend to give it a try at Larry and Sharon's pondhouse.

Brandi and Barbara, Cole's Nana took Cole to Waycross to see a geneticist, I think is what you call him. He pretty much gave Brandi the same information she already had. But Brandi reported that she like the doctor.

Cole's vocabulary is increasing and he is still just a happy little boy, with an occasional flare up of his little temper. He and Cale play well together and seem to enjoy each others company.

I hope to have more to say next week. Thanks to everyone who has responded to the FRAXA
Doris Buffet Challenge.