Sunday, September 18, 2011

I want to go home in Daddy's truck

Sometimes the smallest of moments give the greatest amount of hope. Friday night produced one of those moments. Cole, Cale and Erin came to the house while their Mommy and Daddy went out to celebrate Brandi's Mima's birthday.

Of course we went through the normal session on the swings with Cale and Cole and then went in to have supper. Supper was followed by Cole carrying his new Thomas book and "demanding" it be read to him as he holds like his teacher would. Cale was playing with the cutout puzzles and watching "teebee".

Cole showed Marcia how he exercised at school. He got on the floor and said "exercise" then laid no his back and made like he was pedaling a bike.

Cole and Cale could no doubt solve the nation's energy crisis as the expend their's and ours nonstop.

But to the small moment. Brandi and Chris return around 8 and soon after one or the other said it was time to go. Saying something like get ready to go. Well Cole had arrive at 5 or so with his mom in her van and his Dad had arrives at 6 or so in his truck. Chris's truck is parked outside the privacy fence. Cole has not seen the truck.

When someone said, "lets go", Cole spoke up clearly and concisely,"I wanna go home in Daddy's truck. Don't sound like much of a moment much less great until taken in the context of Cole's Fragile X.

For Cole to want to go home in daddy's truck, he had to remember that he came in Mommy's van an hour earlier and Daddy arrived later. He then made and assumption.

That Daddy came in his truck.

Brandi and Chris got the test back on Erin and it was positive for fragile X. Erin has not shown any signs of developmental disabilities, but she is shy and has high anxiety in some situations. Now that we know some of the reason we all can approach situations differently with her.

She is still sweet and my Pill as I call her.

Pride is not a word I often use nor an emotion that I often display. But I am so proud of my children, Brandi and Chris. They have given a huge responsibility and challenge. They are meeting it head on.

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