Sunday, September 18, 2011

I want to go home in Daddy's truck

Sometimes the smallest of moments give the greatest amount of hope. Friday night produced one of those moments. Cole, Cale and Erin came to the house while their Mommy and Daddy went out to celebrate Brandi's Mima's birthday.

Of course we went through the normal session on the swings with Cale and Cole and then went in to have supper. Supper was followed by Cole carrying his new Thomas book and "demanding" it be read to him as he holds like his teacher would. Cale was playing with the cutout puzzles and watching "teebee".

Cole showed Marcia how he exercised at school. He got on the floor and said "exercise" then laid no his back and made like he was pedaling a bike.

Cole and Cale could no doubt solve the nation's energy crisis as the expend their's and ours nonstop.

But to the small moment. Brandi and Chris return around 8 and soon after one or the other said it was time to go. Saying something like get ready to go. Well Cole had arrive at 5 or so with his mom in her van and his Dad had arrives at 6 or so in his truck. Chris's truck is parked outside the privacy fence. Cole has not seen the truck.

When someone said, "lets go", Cole spoke up clearly and concisely,"I wanna go home in Daddy's truck. Don't sound like much of a moment much less great until taken in the context of Cole's Fragile X.

For Cole to want to go home in daddy's truck, he had to remember that he came in Mommy's van an hour earlier and Daddy arrived later. He then made and assumption.

That Daddy came in his truck.

Brandi and Chris got the test back on Erin and it was positive for fragile X. Erin has not shown any signs of developmental disabilities, but she is shy and has high anxiety in some situations. Now that we know some of the reason we all can approach situations differently with her.

She is still sweet and my Pill as I call her.

Pride is not a word I often use nor an emotion that I often display. But I am so proud of my children, Brandi and Chris. They have given a huge responsibility and challenge. They are meeting it head on.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Baker, Cole Baker

What is your name? Baker,(pause)Cole Baker is the answer in a Bond, James Bond sort of manner.

I have posted in the past that Cole-man would not say his own name. Well now he does and it is a Bond like manner.

He has seemingly always been able to call everyone by name, even answering what is your Granny's name with Marcia, what is your Nana's name with a broken Barbra. And the name he seems to like to answer with the most, what is your Papaw's name.

He surprised me this past weekend as we were asking about different names from the Thomas characters to Cars to his new love, Toy Story. After a few questions of what is his name running from Woody, Buzz and Rex, Cole ask me, "What is Papaw's name?"
Followed by a "Kirk" and then a big smile and look of accomplishment. He returned to asking and answering "what is Papaw's name?" Everytime with a big smile as he said with voracity and perfect enunciation, "Kirk".

Cole and Erin were here with us for Saturday a week ago when we had a visit from our oldest Grandson, Andrew. Erin and Cole were both glad to see him and their Uncle Ben as were Marcia and I. Erin, Andrew and I made plans for a fishing trip on his next visit.

Back to Cole. He is one perpetual motion machine. He loves to play and he loves to "read" his books. He almost has a book in his hand unless he is swinging in beloved swing on the carport. He has pretty much memorized his three Thomas books and his Toy Story book. He intently listens so he can chime in on the words he loves to say.

Top Hat aka Sir Topham Hat has long been in his vocabulary. Top Hat is all he would say when ever the character appears in the video or on the pages of his book. Well, now he is pronouncing it "Topham Hat" still no Sir but a well enunciated Topham Hat.

Now back to that swing. Cole loves to be pushed as high as the swing will go. Mostly I give him a few good pushes then sit down in the rocker and give him a boosting push as his arcs become shorter and shorter. No longer will that do. As I sat down in the rocker from swinging him, he shouts "get up Pappy, stand up Pappy". All this in one sentence. Well I had to get up and send him sailing again. As I headed for the rocker Cole shouts again, "No, Pappy standup, push me".

You have to really understand how much a leap in communication this is for Cole and me. So, I jump up and push again. This time I sit down even though I am being commanded to "stand and deliver" so to say. I explain that Pappy is hot and tired and I will push him while seated.

Cole allows me to push him one time from the seated position then declares "I want down, Pappy". Which is not new and so I rise to slow the swing and release him from the safety straps. Well, Cole looks me in the eye and says," I want to swing, push me".

Cole has become devious, he has baited his poor Pappy. He has learned how to get me out of the chair and receive the push that will send him arcing high into the air back and forth in his swing... I guess I am an easy mark, you think.

I wish you could all have a visit from Cole-Man. I hope that some will visit him at his golf tournment Friday, September 30th at 1:00 pm at the Francis Lake Golf Club
in Lake Park. You can contact Cole's dad Chris about the Tournament here

Thanks for indulging a doating grandfather and thanks for your support.