Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hey Pappy!

Marcia and I were blown off the the beach so we came home early. Monday morning we rode to Walmart to get the pictures from the "Team up for a Cure" golf tournament. We had just entered the store when I saw old freind, Larry Jarvis. I waited for him to finish at the pharmacy window so I could speak to him. Small turns of fate are what makes life grand.
If I had not waited to speak to Larry I would have missed what happened next.

While waiting a small hand patted me on the rear and a small voice said, "hey Pappy". I knew immediately it was Cole. I turned to find him reaching for me to pick him up for a big hug. I spoke to Larry and then Cole and I were off for a Walmart adventure.

Cole was there with Brandi to pick up some medicine for his cough. So why Brandi waited at the pharmacy Cole and I left her and Marcia for a tour of the Walmart.

We went to the hunting section where Cole spied the gloves. He loves gloves and picked out a pair of camoflauged ones. We looked at the Camo shirts but there were no small ones.

From there we went through the toy section. Cole pickup and looked at all the Thomas,Cars, Spongebob and Toystory toys and books. He named off the characters and put them back on the shelf. He was not in a purchasing mood I guess. Then we went on a search for Granny.

Granny can almost always be found in the children's clothing section. So that is where we went. She was not there but Cole wanted out of the buggy to inspect the racks, looking for Thomas.

He first went to the rack with the rugby stripe shirts. He has several "Thomas" shirts with those
stripes. There was not any with Thomas on the front. He turned to me and ask,"where's Thomas". Then he found the toy story shirts and the spongebob and cars but no Thomas. He made his way from rack to rack plundering through them just like he was an old shopping pro.

Alas he hollered, "Thomas, Pappy". There was a set of Thomas pajamas much like the ones he sleeps in at home. He was excited for a moment but then continued his search for more "Thomas".

Then you know who showed up. Granny joined the search but I guess neither found exactly what they were looking for.

Brandi found us and she had Halloween costumes for the kids, was still waiting for the prescription. We gathered up the rest of our needs and went to the check out.

Cole and I checked out first. Then Brandi and Granny. Cole came home with us as Brandi waited for the prescription.

We read the Thomas stories and he repeated the parts he knows. We took apart and reassembled the animal puzzles. Of course we went up and down the stairs a few times as well.

Marcia picked up Erin from school and soon there after Cale came running through the back door. They all got a dose of medicine.

Erin watch TV while Cale, Cole and I played with the puzzles. Cole and I read a Thomas story to Brandi and Marcia. Then we went to my chair where Cole went to sleep in my lap as we read the book.

We had to wake him when they headed for home. Cale climed right into his car seat for a change and waved goodbye. Cole got in his chair but was still in a slumber induced semi coma.

All in all it was a nice ending to Marcia and my wet, windy anniversary weekend.

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