Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spent Saturday morning with Cole, Cale and Erin at their home.

Cole saw me drive up from the patio door and I could hear him calling "pappy, pappy" as I reach the back door. I don't know who was smiling bigger him or me.

Marcia spent the entire day. We can't have them over at the house because of the fire so Marcia looked after the kids while Brandi went to work.

Cole has 9 stitches above his eye where he ran into the swing, he is just like his dad. He is accident prone. The fragile X may play some part in that but this is his second time getting stitches to his head from running into something. He goes 90 miles and hour all the time until he collapses.

He and Cale are now climbers, they climb on everything. Cale climbed on the kitchen table last week while she was in the den, she could hear Cole saying "get down, Cale". They both love to get in the chairs and jump down to the floor. I think Cole realizes that the kitchen table is a little to far from the floor. Which is good. Not sure how Cale would have got down without Marcia taking him off the table.

Marcia discovered Cole had a new book when he brought it to her for her to read to him. It is a Dr. Suess, One fish two fish, I think is the title. Marcia said Cole brought to her and said "read Granny". Then he said "one fish, two fish. When she open the book to read, Cole said one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish point to the page.

He makes more and more associations between words and pictures everyday. I know that I am hopeful, but I try not to over read anything into things. But it seems that he is just waking up to words and putting them into place.

I will leave it at that and hope for more progress.

I write this as therapy for myself and in hopes it may someone else to help them find reason to have greater hope. I also write this in hope one person will see it and find it reason to make a small donation to

Thanks for your time and thoughts for Cole and his fellow Fragile X children.

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