Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cole was his usual self yesterday. Full of energy and thought Pappy was too. He was standing at the deck gate with Cale when I drove up and they both began to wave. Cole calling "Pappy, Pappy".

Boy if that want lift your day I don't know what will.

They both immediately led me to the swing set. "Swing Pappy, swing". They both swang and we sang the number songs. Cole did pretty good. Cale just smiled.

Cole, Cale and Erin have a puppy. Chris found a small puppy in the ditch and took it home. Cole told me the dog was "harley". He called, "come here, harley". Told me, "pet her, Pappy".
So I did. Cole seems to really like the puppy, Cale not so much.

We then went inside where their fatigued Granny was washing our clothes for the coming week.

It was not long before Cale pulled me to the door and said "outside". I ask if he wanted to go for a ride. He nodded and said, "yeah". Cole ran to the door saying "wanna drive, Pappy". Enough said and we headed to the truck.

When we got to the end of the drive, I began to turn left toward the dirt road to Ochlawilla Church. Cole spoke up immediately, "not that way". I said if you want to drive we have to go this way. He replied, "wanna drive". I turned on to the paved road and toward the dirt road.
As I made the left turn on the dirt road Cole was unbuckling his seatbelt and climbing over Cale.

"Drive, I wanna do it" he hollered. So I put him on my knee behind the wheel. He began to play with the turn signal and every other button on the dash with one hand, holding onto the steering wheel with the other. I told him to watch where you are going. He shot back, "watch the road".

We travel down the road to the forks and beyond to a turnaround point. I told Cole it was Cale's turn. Cale had been sitting calmly, sort of, waiting for a chance at the wheel. So Cole helped me turn the wheel as we backed up. "Backing up", "Cale's turn, Cale's turn" Cole repeated after me.

By this time Cale was jumping up and down wanting out of the seatbelt. Cole reluctantly but without much coaxing sat down in the seat and pulled out the seatbelt and I helped him buckle it.
Got Cale loose and put him behind the wheel. Cole said, "Cale, watch road".

We repeated this exchange a few times on the way back. When we got to the paved road I buckled them both back up. Then pulled toward their driveway. As I began to turn Cole said emphatically, "NO, NO, go to Granny's house". He missed his swing on the carport, it goes "higher, Pappy, higher" than the one in their yard. Cole loves to go high and fast.

Back in the house they brought me the throw pillows from the sofa, then Cole told me to "lay down" pointing to the floor. They both love to wrestle around on the floor and use me for a trampoline of sorts. Cole would tell everyone when it was their turn. "Erin's turn, Cale's turn", then "my turn" he would proclaim climbing up on my belly and saying "watch Pappy" as he stood up on my abdomen and bounced to the ground.

You can tell when something confuses him but his memory is good. I point to the trees along side the road and ask him what they were. He knew they were trees, but when I ask him what color the trees were he said red. I told him they were green. I ask the same question as we came back and he responded "green".

It was a great time with Cole and Cale.

Here is a link sent to me by June Lawson. It explains Fragile X and provides other information on promising research.

June's son is a Fragile X child, she has been very helpful and encouraging.

June is a supporter of Easter Seals and I am going to research their support of Fragile X.
Easter Seals has been around a long time supporting research and helping children with disabilities. Please consider Easter Seals as you make your holiday gifts this year.

See y'all next time.

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