Thursday, November 4, 2010

Haven't had a chance to post for several days. We had a house fire which has displaced us.

Cole is going to therapy twice a week. He is making progress. His word association seems to be better. This week when I had him in the swing and we were counting. He did something he had not done before. I have counted and he would repeat the numbers. Then I one say the numbers two at a time to get him to repeat two at a time. I said one, two and he said shoe, then 3,4 and he said "close the door", then 5,6 he said "sticks", then 7,8, he said "shut gate", then 9,10, he said, "do it gin".

I think this is a great sign. He is associating words with others.

He is still just a cute little boy and a real boy at that. Fell of the swing and went to ER for 9 stitches

As always please considered making a donation to FRAXA as gift or memorial to a freind


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