Sunday, February 12, 2012

This is Cole

I wanted to post something about the kids this morning. But I cut my index finger and it is bleeding on the keypad.

Sometimes things just work out because below you will find my son Chris's facebook post about his children.

This is Cole. He has Fragile X Syndrome aka genetic mental retardation. He just turned 6 yesterday. I am proud of him and his eagerness to learn. His brother and sister also have the syndrome. As a normal kid, I made fun of kids like mine. That I regret. I wish I would have gotten to know them. My point is don't let your normal kids miss out on the happiness and joy kids like mine have to offer. They don't want your sympathy. They will only know they are different when we treat them different. They have the ability to love, laugh and be happy. I think every " normal" person is retarded in that area.

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