Sunday, January 15, 2012

Silent Prayers

The silent prayers of others heard only by God are among the greatest of gifts. Over the last year I have written about our grandchildren who have Fragile X Syndrome.
I have no doubt that many of you that have visited this site offered those silent prayers for our grandchildren. In doing so you have done the same for the thousands of other children and adults with Fragile X and their families.

Well prayers are answered. Maybe not in the miraculous cure we all hope for but certainly in small and unforeseen ways. In that way I have come to realize there are angels among us. No wings nor wearing celestial robes, but everyday people doing extrordinary work.

Our grandson Cole who I have tried to introduce to you seems to be the most effected by FX. Cole who began kindergarten this year has made great progress in the eyes of Marcia and I. This progress is largely due to the the earthly angels who teach him every school day. It is obvious that Cole loves his Angels, he smiles and his eyes light up when you ask him about Ms. D, Ms. W and Ms. L.

The task of bring out the capabilities of a child with FX and other develpmental disorders absolutely takes dedication, caring and a lot of love. We are so thankful that our prayers, yours and mine, have given us these angels.

Cole's progress and achievements may seem small in comparison to other five year olds but it has been in leaps and bounds to us in the last 4 months. He recognizes his written name, his brothers, his sisters, Mommy and Daddy. He can name basics colors as they are presented to him. He communicates more and more in sentences instead on a couple of stacked words.

Erin seems to be coming out her shell also. She is playing basketball, well she is practicing basketball. We wondered if she would go back after being hit in the face with the ball in the first practice. But she did and she has made two more practices.
She received the most improved student award for the second grade.

Cole was give a "Karactor Kid" award because he expresses such caring to the Special Needs children in his class. He made his Granny and Mommy proud as he marched to his seat and accepted his award.

Cale is talking although his speech is still somethimes difficult to understand. He is asking questions and giving answers. He seems to be improving in his cogniative skills. He has such a smile and he loves to sing along with the DVDs of Barney and Thomas.

Cole and Cale both recieved small motorized tractors from Santa Claus. Cole mastered manuevering and steering his in short order. He turns in and out of obstacles steering like and old pro. Cale has only learned to turn right.

When Cole finds himself hemmed in he gets off and pulls it around and climbs back on.
He hasn't quiet got backing up down yet. Cale on the other hand jumps off and runs to get help. He getting better at steering. Cale had really just as soon ride as a passenger in Erin's two seater Jeep.

December was a good month and January has had a good beginning for the Baker Fraggles.

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