Monday, March 7, 2011

Had a great weekend with Cole, Cale and Erin. They are a handful for Marcia and me, but is a labor of love. Most grandparents have used the old cliche, "glad to see them come and glad to see them go". I guess I am the same until I realize how quiet the house becomes and how much I miss their laughter, little hands tugging me to the backdoor to go "outside".

My carrying on here has been about Cole and FX with little mention of Erin and Cale, Chris and Brandi's other two children. I by know means mean to leave them out nor my oldest grandson Andrew. Like any granddad I love them all and they are each unique. But Cole is a "special" child and requires special attention.

I could list all the little things Cole did and said that he did not even a week ago. There are many, his motor skills are improving, his speech is improving, his vocabulary and command of it is expanding exponentially. But today I am filling a little melancholy and philosophical.

All parents of more than one child at some point realizes, willing or not, one of their children requires more attention, needs more support and sometimes pulls a little harder on your heart. Grandchildren are no different. Love is not a measurable commodity and should not be, it is a gift to be given with no expectation of return. There are no scales to balance love given and received only the heart can do that. A child's love is special. It fills your heart to overflowing forcing you to share it with everyone who will accept it.

Cole pulls at my heart. He does so to everyone who comes to know him whether you know of his FX or not. He is just a loving child. He gives us his love with no expectation of return. His innocents allows him give his love for no purpose other than to giving it to you. Not offer it, not trade it, not to manipulate you. When Cole hugs your neck or gives you a kisses he expects nothing, not even love in return. We should all be that way.

I cannot leave without a request for everyone to support a children's charity. I hope that it will be for FX research, but there are many that need our help. With that I want to thank our good friends Larry and Sharon, whose cabin we lived in for three months after our fire. Larry refused rent instead ask it go to a donation to FX for Cole. Something he would never tell and generally I wouldn't either. But today my heart is overflowing and like Cole we should all be that way.

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  1. I love reading your posts and knowing that that is probably what my kids' grandparents are feeling as well.