Saturday, March 24, 2012


A good friend ask me how Chris, Brandi and the Kids were doing this week. He expressed how blessed he was that his family was healthy and doing well.

He said he knew that Chris and Brandi had a lot on them and I agreed. They do, raising three children with special needs. But I also had a moment. Erin, Cole and Cale are by and large healthy. They have the normal issues with runny noses and upset tummies but they are healthy. They run and play enjoying each other's company. Some of their skills are behind and may always be behind but they are physically healthy.

Their developmental disorder, Fragile X, is a condition not a a disease. I hope that I never look at them as not being healthy again. I hope that the world will one day not look at them as if they are unhealthy.

Cole and Cale have limitations but we all do. The greatest impairment to their chances of living a long and happy life are the attitudes of the people who surround them.

All of us "normal people" have had contact with people, children and adults, which have physical or mental limitations. I have and I recall that at times I was not as understanding or as sensitive as I should have been.

But as I remember those people did not chide me for the shortcomings of understanding and sensitivity I displayed.

My friend is truly blessed with a great family, but so are we.

Cole came to visit me at work Friday. He had been sick with a tummy ache Thursday morning and I kept him for a few hours while Brandi had Cale at the dentist. He was so pale and lethargic. He laid in my lap not even wanting to watch Thomas and Big Belle. He wafted in and out of sleep only looking up at me with weak gazes.

He finally ask for some "coke". After a couple of swallows he began to recover. He was asking to watch his DVD of Thomas and all was well. His Mommy came and he was so glad to see her. He looked at her and uttered a weak "hey Mommy" and then gave that sweet little smile that will melt any heart.

A smile that will chase the clouds away and bring out the sunshine. And just when you think he cannot be any sweeter he does it again. As he was leaving the shop with his Daddy, he rolled down the truck window and smiled as he said, "I love Pappy". Cured any melancholy I may have had.

You will notice the original art at the top of the page. These are just a few of the paintings of Cole and Cale. They are simple fingerpaintings but Cole and Cale enjoy doing them.

If you would like to support research for Fragile X treatment and hopefully a cure you can purchase one of Cole or Cale's artworks by sending a check for $5 or more made out to FRAXA and a self addressed envelope to:

405 Plantation Drive
Quitman, Ga 31643

Your artwork will sent to you and your donation will be forwarded to FRAXA. You can find more information on FRAXA at


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