Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well unfortunately I do not have a lot to report about Cole. I have been so busy trying to finish up the house and it is so hard to have him over at the cabin to stay.

Marcia and I miss having him and Cale on the weekends so much. It looks like we will be able to move back in in a couple of weeks and then have them both spend the weekend.

Brandi, Cole's Mommy, told Marcia that Cole had gotten up in the middle of the night last week and fix himself some juice. He did a pretty good job all things consider. She woke up to catch him. He had gotten his cup out, his juice poured but the sippee cup didn't have the little valve.

I recently read a post going around on Facebook about walking away from the people that create the most "drama" in you life. I thought about it and realized that all the drama Cole creates just makes me want to love and hold him even more. I have found that the only cure for the saddness I sometimes feel is to hear Cole's say "Hey, Pappy". In fact Cole's smile is cures a lot of my ills.

We are fortunate and blessed that Cole functions so well. I read the posts from other parents and feel for their plight and struggles, knowing they could not love their child any less than I love Cole. I always go back to my Granny for strength. She lost five children before she passed away at 85. I was there for three of the five and she grieved but moved on. She told me she had learned not to ask "why me, but to ask why not me". Having survived 5 children two types of cancer and 3 heart attacks, I knew if she could overcome those battles and that loss I can also.

Cole and his FX "brothers and sisters" are alive and there is hope in life. I hope that everyone with and FX child can find that hope no matter how small a sliver it might be. There is strength in hope but it is also contagious. There is proof of that on of all places Facebook where a group of FX parents share their experiences, thoughts, triumphs and even despair. But most of all I see hope eminating from the conversations back and forth.

I am glad to report that FRAXA met the goal to recieve matching funds from the Doris Buffet Foundation. I hope that all that helped meet that goal will continue to support FRAXA. Also support Easter Seals and Special Olympics if you can.

That is all for me today. I hope to have some first hand stories about Cole and his progress next time.

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  1. Jimbo,
    The kind of "Drama" Cole brings is life-giving because his struggles come from a pure heart. He, and other children like him, add to the lives who those who know and love them.

    Unfortunately, we tend to miss this aspect of their presence, even avoid them, since they can be "difficult," cost us energy or time, or perhaps if we are honest with ourseslves, we see something fearful, or tragic, we cannot handle.

    We can enjoy Cole, while others who create their own "drama" can't, since their often too busy repairing things, relationships, employment issues, integrity problems, they themselves created.