Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cole and Cale Spent Saturday with Marcia and me. Cole is learning how to pout when he doesn't get his way, which is not very often. You can tell who is teaching him that tactic. His big sister.
His newest word is "corner". I am guessing he is spending some time in the "corner" for time out.
They played outside in the swings until I took the swings down so they, Cole and Cale, would do something different. They played in the sand pile and rode in their little cars.
Cole and I rode to the golf course. He was really upset by the dogs and jumped into my arms and just screamed. I don't know if this is because of the FX or if a dog has scared him. It has been almost two years since our dog Cocoa died. But Cole loved to pet and play with Cocoa. I will have to ask Barbara and Brandi about dogs.
Barbara is Cole's Nana. Cole loves Nana very much as well as his Papaw, Kirk.
Cole's Vocabulary is really expanding and his sentences are becoming longer. His pronunciations are better. He now pronounces "Thomas" clearly instead of "omas". He is repeating his ABC and counts to 10 with a little prompting. Cole seems to flap his arms less but he still tugs at his lip and ear when he is tired and ready for a nap or nitey-nite.
A newletter came from FRAXA that tests on a drug had shown promise in helping improve cognition in trials. That is a promising and hopeful development.
That is all for now. Thanks to all.

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